Put Away the Screen

Ban Electronics in the Classroom
The research is unequivocal: Laptops distract from learning, both for users and for those around them.


How Play Helps

The Fragile Generation
In our quest to protect them, we have stolen from children the best resilience training known to man: free play.


Parent-Child Mental Health

 Engaging Families From the Start
A toddler's troubling behaviors can be understood as difficulties managing both his/her body and developing mind in a social context––consisting initially of parent-child. Helping these families means intensive support from the very beginning.


Social Media

Do You Know Where Your Children Are?
It's 10 p.m., do you know what apps your child is using? Here is a guide to what parents should be monitoring during this busy back-to-school season.


Screen Time

Have Smartphones Harmed a Generation?
Advice for a happy adolescence: put down the phone, turn off the laptop, and do something—anything—that does not involve a screen.


Comforting Children

When Tragedy Hits
Mr. Rogers had great advice for adults who want to comfort children (and may even themselves) when bad things happen on a large stage.


Mothers and the Affordable Care Act

• Congressmen Have Mothers
Maternal and mental health components may have saved Obamacare, with implications for the next generation of voters.


Infant Brain Development

Meeting a Young Child's Basic Needs
There is an intersection of brain and body, self-awareness and self-regulation, anxiety and comfort–– the child-parent relationship underpins the development of all these systems. Relationships matter.When there is a mismatch, the impact is long-term.


Corporal Punishment

• Corporal Punishment and Race
An essay from the forthcoming book by Stacey Patton Spare the Kids: Why Whupping Children Won’t Save Black America. Childhood beatings and adult violence are all strange and bitter fruit from the same tree.



• The Intersection of Parenting and Voting
In his highly acclaimed book Hillbilly Elegy J.D. Vance concludes that the problems afflicting the communities who feel unheard and unrecognized, and so voted in large numbers for President Trump, have their roots in Adverse Childhood Experiences.


Parenting Tips in Public Places

Advancing Parenting
A nonprofit organization places concise and unambiguous parenting tips in public spaces: windows of stores, offices, restaurants, automobiles, and billboards.