Traumatic Experiences in Early Life

Childhood Violence Leaves Genetic Scars
"Children who experience physical violence appear to be aging at a faster rate," says neuroscientist and co-author Avshalom Caspi. The result may be increased risk of disease in adulthood and shortened lifespan.


Animal Therapy

Horses and Dogs
Thoughtful discussion here of the NYTimes article Wonder Dog and the wonderful documentary about Buck Brannaman. For local therapeutic horse riding visit the amazing non-profit, volunteer organization We Can Ride.


Children Illustrate Divorce

Kids' Art Gallery
In pictures and postcards children express how they experience divorce. Submissions can be sent here.


SSRI Treatment of Depression

The Emperor's New Drugs
Irving Kirsch, PhD, analyzed 15 years of efficacy data for the top anti-depressant drugs on the market (including the studies used to gain FDA approval) and found... a placebo effect.