Consider Giving

• St. Joseph's Home for Children
As you prepare your Christmas or Hanukkah celebration, consider that a boy or girl is being "removed from home by police" and taken to the only emergency shelter left in Hennepin County: St. Joe's. That phrase–– removed from home–– is a euphemism for children rescued from pain and hurt and chaos and abandonment. These are newborns with broken ribs and toddlers who have just seen their mother beaten up and 8-year-olds left alone with no food and teens with no hope. Catholic Charities has kept this last option open for our children who are the most desperately in need. Find out more about St. Joe's programs or make a donation this holiday. Whatever you give, it's more than what these children have.


Your Teen is Upset (and so are you)

• What Enmeshment Means
"In a parent-child relationship this creates a dynamic in which teenagers who need to develop appropriate autonomy become developmentally stymied. They are either too afraid to venture into increased autonomy and become dependent on their parents, or ... run too far in the other direction, sometimes making poor choices in their effort to be independent." More here by David Prior, LMFT.