Corporal Punishment is Harmful

AAP Says No to Spanking
“One of the most important relationships we all have is the relationship between ourselves and our parents, and it makes sense to eliminate or limit fear and violence in that loving relationship.”


When Bad Things Happen

Reassuring Children In Times of National Crisis
In times of community or world-wide crisis, even young children sense their parents are really worried. Parents and teachers can reassure children if they follow these simple steps.


Talk About Drinking (Yours)

When Your Children Ask About Your Drinking
Kids absorb all kinds of messages from parents about drinking, most of them confusing, indirect and upsetting. Try being frank.


Helping Children Transition

Daycare Partings
Fred Rogers demonstrates how to help young children accept daycare partings. The new Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood website offers additional advice and resources.


Just Say No

Deleting Your Facebook and Instagram
From bullying to hacking, there's a lot of bad news about the social network and it's effect on children and adults alike.


Happy Children Do Chores

Children Can and Should Do Chores
Contributing to the family well-being and the smooth running of the household before homework conveys the value you place on that child's contribution. Unfortunately, getting children to do chores is an incredibly simple two-step process: insist, and persist, until the chore is done.


Children Left Alone

Parenting in the Age of Fear
It is a beautiful summer afternoon, but there are no children playing on the sidewalks. They are safe at camp, inside their houses, buckled into car seats, plugged into screens, never enjoying the luxury of being unnoticed, of being left alone.