The Selling of A.D.H.D.

Number of Rx Soaring
A 20-year drug marketing campaign results in medication at unprecedented and unjustifiable levels, according to the NYTimes.


Child Training

The Pearl Epistomology
Scottish research scientist Suzanne Zeedyk discusses authors Michael and Debi Pearl's advocacy for parental use of physical violence.



This Thanksgiving, Be Grateful
Find a CASA program near you and inquire about becoming a volunteer.


Emotional Melt-Downs

• Understanding Tantrums
Suzanne Zeedyk posits tantrums occur as a consequence of fragile self-regulatory systems.

Brain Development Animated Video

Building Better Brains
What every parent needs to know about brain development in an accessible, short format.


Helping With a Challenging Child

Needing Social Services
Neglect is not always on the part of the parents.


Dysregulated Mood

Calming the Dysregulated Child
Dr Claudia Gold discusses a non-pharmacological treatment of problems of regulation of emotion, behavior, and attention.


Fledging Your Child

College Readiness
Are childhood ADHD drugs responsible for the growth in mental health problems at college?


Stranger Danger

How Fear Affects Development
"...we have ended up scared....of risk. Scared of what some adults do — in secret. Scared of what other adults might think, mistakenly — of us....We are made anxious by our children’s physiological, evolutionary, human desire for physical affection — from us."


Babies' Brain Development

Face to Face
Social interaction dramatically shapes children’s brains, including the future monarch of England.


ACE Studies

Adverse Childhood Experiences
Learn more about the growing role of trauma-informed practices.


Building Healthy Brains

Harvard University Video
Building adult capabilities to improve child outcomes: the relationships essential to children’s lifelong learning, health, and behavior.


Behavior Problems

Understanding vs. Medicating
To help children with "behavior problems," it is essential to listen to their parents....the behavior is a symptom, perhaps even an adaptive response, to the underlying problem.


Diagnostic Statistical Manual-V

• DSM-V Lacks Scientific Validity
Reshaping the direction of psychiatric research to focus on biology, genetics, and neuroscience to define disorders by causes, rather than symptoms.


Sleep Deprivation

Diagnosing the Wrong Deficit
Sleep-restricting lifestyles began getting more extreme in the 1990s, the decade with the explosion in A.D.H.D. diagnoses.


Attachment Theory

The Power of Compassion
Securely attached children are those whose parents were able to acknowledge their child’s moments of fear and suffering and respond to them compassionately.


Two-Parent Households

Of Whatever Flavor
Two-parent households (of whatever flavor) are likely to be better off financially, more attentive to the upbringing of children and more secure.


Childhood Dx/Tx

Co-opting Normal
Has being human become a condition? Permissive drug use and over-diagnosis threatens to co-opt what it means to be human.



Cautionary Statistics
Nearly one in five high school age boys in the U.S. have received a diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, according to CDC.


Diagnosing Bullying

Defining Bullying Down
Emily Bazelon discusses the best way to identify and address real bullying.


Courthouse Dogs

• Meeting emotional needs, one dog at a time
Specially trained facility dogs assist children with physical, psychological or emotional trauma while in the court system.



Just Take the Meds to See If They Help
"And if they help, ‘You must have A.D.H.D.’....Stimulants will help anyone focus better. And a lot of young people like or value that feeling, especially those who are driven and have ambitions. We have to realize that these are potential addicts — drug addicts don’t look like they used to.”


ADHD Real or Not?

Is ADHD a Real Disorder?
Here is a thoughtful discussion by Claudia Gold, M.D.


Local Therapeutic Riding

We Can Ride is a local and widely respected organization offering therapeutic horseback riding to adults and children living with disabilities.

Therapy Horses

Horse Boy World
Dressage Today article on using horses and dressage to help autistic children.


Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

Learn more about the Minnesota Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (MOFAS).