Free Dental Care

• Annual "Give Kids A Smile" Day
Hosted by the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry, children ages 18 and younger will receive any dental care they may require completely free of charge. This includes teeth cleanings, diagnostic x rays, cavity detection, fillings, sealants, fluoride treatment and more. The event is one day only: Saturday, Feb 4th from 8am - 1:30pm at 515 Delaware St. SE Minneapolis. Call 612-625-1669 to make an appointment.


Bi-Polar Disorder

This recent Strib article explores the issue. According Libby Bergman, a therapist with the Family Enhancement Center in Minneapolis: "I don't think we have any idea what those types of psychotropic medications can do to the developing brain."


Strollers & Brain Development

Implications of stroller design for children’s emotional development
This video gives an edited version of the presentation academician Suzanne Zeedyk gave about how buggy manufacturers are taking account of neuroscientific insights.